Our Mission

Vancouver treesThe purpose of Trees of Vancouver Society is to preserve and protect neighbourhood trees on the west side of Vancouver. It has been estimated that Vancouver’s canopy cover lost ~25,000 trees in 20 years, mostly on private property

Trees of Vancouver Society (TVS) engages with communities to save mature trees and advocate for better tree protection status. Our board of directors have been tree experts in the urban forestry industry for decades and they lead volunteers under one main mission: preserve and protect neighbourhood trees. TVS provides people with education, technical expertise, and resources to look after significant cultural and heritage trees, primarily on the west side of Vancouver. Tree protection statuses may also be improved by heritage landscape or tree registry and/or land covenants. Our goal is to reverse the net decline of canopy cover on the west side of Vancouver, where most mature private trees live and are being challenged with development.

Replanting with young trees, under the current City of Vancouver tree protection bylaw(s), cannot substitute for mature trees ecological services amidst the current climate crisis.

We understand mature trees not only beautify and rejuvenate local property. These mature trees critically aid in global:

  • carbon sequestration
  • removal of air & water pollution
  • cooling during unprecedently hot seasons
  • and much, much, more

Trees of Vancouver Society is a charitable, not-for-profit organization. We are committed to working with partners on tree-planting programs, offering funding for research and development of tree preservation strategies, providing schools of all ages with outdoor courses, and more. All of the trees we plant and save have important stories and lives to be shared with generations to come. Take a stand for the trees and people of tomorrow by joining us.