Vision Statement

Vancouver treesTrees of Vancouver Society will be Vancouver’s #1 trusted non-profit organization for mature tree preservation. Our mission is made possible thanks to our generous donors.

Core values

Trees of Vancouver Society is
• Principled – dedicated to the principles of stewardship, imagination, collaboration and innovation
• Objective – objective delivery of tangible and accessible tree knowledge to partners and the public
• Responsive – quick and effective responses for volunteers and partners when there is a tree ‘rescue mission.’
• Enthusiastic – we foster enthusiasm for trees by being knowledgeable and passionate on every project
• Global – we operate with the rest of the world in mind, but focus on westside Vancouver communities due to significant presence of mature trees

• Expand the Vancouver Urban Forest – to assist in the advocacy of tree-friendly development practices, exploring all possible tree retention scenarios on a site-to-site basis.
• Grow Awareness of Trees – to educate any and all people on the ecological services and environmental benefits of trees.
• Municipal Policy Engagement – to advocate for more thorough and comprehensive urban forestry legislation on a municipal level, so more tree-friendly development is carried out and enforced.
• Excellent, ‘Trees First’ Service – to provide quality tree preservation services to communities in the private sector.
• Provide Local & Global Carbon Offset – to value trees in the sequestration of excess carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in our atmosphere, causing global climate crisis.

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